Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Stock ~ Bone Broth Recipe

If you want to think like a chef, it’s best to look at a recipe as a house. Every house or recipe need a strong foundation, and a proper bone broth will keep your work bold, healthy and strong. Watch Cheoff Geoff teach you how to make an easy slow cooker chicken stock.

This might be the most ridiculous face I’ve ever made

The reason I’ve chosen to demonstrate this chicken stock recipe in a slow cooker is that it’s much easier to set and forget. Once you’ve roasted the chicken and vegetables, you can simply put everything in the slow cooker and walk away. This recipe can be replicated in a stock pot as well. But for me that requires more attention to temperature control, so I think the crock pot is the way to go. I’d rather not have a pot of stock simmering on the stove for 8 hours, it feels safer in the slow cooker. And the results are the same.

Over the years chicken stock has morphed into bone broth. They are exactly the same. This bone broth recipe is full of health benefit: amino acids, collagen and natural fats. Slow cooker bone broth promotes good sleeping habits, it’s good for you skin and can even help with weight loss.

Once you learn how to build a strong foundation for your recipes with this slow cooker chicken stock you can build so many dishes from it. From soups to gravy to risotto this easy slow cooker bone broth is sure to please. Bon Appetit!

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