Plant-Based Jamaican Jerk Sauce ~ Roasted Jerk Sweet Potato Recipe ~ Jerk BBQ Sauce Recipe

If you want to think like a chef, sometimes you’ve got to bring the heat. Watch Cheoff Geoff teach you how make a quick and easy jerk paste, plus so easy plant-based applications for the marinade: roasted jerk sweet potatoes and jerk BBQ sauce recipe.

This Jamaican jerk paste is so versatile

As the weather gets colder and leaves start to fall, it’s nice to make a recipe that takes you back to the island and sunshine and heat. The Jamaican jerk sauce recipe is so easy to make in a food processor, you will learn how to toast spices to add a little smoky kick to the paste.

When you talk about Jamaican jerk cooking you instinctively think of jerk chicken, and you’re not wrong to go there. However, I will show you some easy plant-based applications. First is jerk roasted sweet potatoes—a perfect side dish for Thanksgiving. Second, is a jerk BBQ sauce recipe, a wonderful, spicy glaze for grilled meats.

Jamaican jerk paste is incredibly versatile, there are so many ways to use it. I hope you find these cooking tips and tricks helpful. Bon Appetit!

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