Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup ~ Bourbon Maple Glazed Pecans Recipe

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If you want to think like a chef, you must be able to balance sweet and spicy flavour profiles. Watch Cheoff Geoff teach you how to make chipotle sweet potato soup, garnished with maple glazed pecans.

It’s all about balance in this chipotle sweet potato soup recipe. Throughout the cooking process you will find way to compliment these competing flavours. By using the right measurements of smoky chipotle peppers, together with a spice blend and the sweet potatoes you’re building a balanced flavour profile.

But it’s the bourbon glazed pecan garnish that really ties the whole meal together. Deglazing with bourbon and maple syrup, then adding a pinch of cayenne balances that flavour profile. They are a very versatile garnish, basically homemade beer nuts, but you can use them on salads, desserts or just snack on them.

The chipotle sweet potato soup recipe is perfect for fall. And no pumpkin spice! Bon Appetit!

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