Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto ~ Roasted Cauliflower Recipe ~ Pesto Rosso Prosciutto Canapes

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If you want to think like a chef, you must pay tribute to your roots. Watch Cheoff Geoff teach you how to make sun-dried tomato pesto, a Sicilian red pesto. Watch further along to learn two quick and easy applications for this versatile paste.

Pesto Rosso is a very delicious and versatile sauce.

My mother’s family hails from a tiny town in Sicily so you can imagine I’ve eaten a lot of Italian food growing up and that’s inspired today’s video. Sun-dried tomato pesto is called Pesto Rosso, which literally translates to “red pesto.” It’s a tangy, slightly acidic version of it’s well know cousin, Pesto Genovese.

When you make pesto you instinctively think to use it in a pasta—and you’re not wrong. But today I’m going to show you two different applications. First is sun-dried tomato, roasted cauliflower. And second is a simple canape with prosciutto. Pesto Rosso is a very versatile sauce and I hope you find your own application as well. Bon Appetit!

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